Common Causes of Wall Damages

Have you observed that your wall cracks? Have you noticed that it has damages that give implications on its durability and design? Do you have doubts about your safety, especially your family, about the damages on your walls? Do you have any idea what are the common causes of wall damages that you must avoid to maintain the proper function of your walls? It is pretty sure that you have answers on your mind and bunches of questions too. But, masonry Tempe, AZ will give you the exact and accurate answers of your questions and will give the best help in town in terms of wall damages! 

If you do not have enough knowledge about the common causes of wall damage, this article from our company will surely help you to comprehend, understand and absorb the different causes of wall damages. 


The most avoidable cause of wall damage is the natural calamities. Natural calamities such as earthquakes, super typhoons, flash floods, global warming and many more can have a huge impact on your walls. There are cases that high magnitude earthquakes will not only damage your walls but also can break and destroy the structures of your home. In this manner, you should ensure that the masonry contractor you hired for your home construction consists of professionals and experts on this field of job to ensure durable and high quality outputs that can survive in different calamities.  


Have you noticed that your brickworks are being deposited by a powder that is white in your color? If yes, then, you should immediately call our company since your walls are experiencing damage. The white powdery appearance is what we call the efflorescence that is caused by a dissolving mineral in your cement mortar that is due to moisture penetration.  


Have you observed that the plasters on your walls are being detached that allows the bricks to be seen? This type of wall damage will surely irritate us as owners, therefore, must fix it right away. Aside from that, loosing plaster can make our walls much prone to further damages that are caused by the outside environment such as moisturiser. 


This is one of the most noticeable types of wall damage. Mostly, this type of damage is prone to houses and buildings that are surrounded with huge trees and big shrubs. Trees roots can penetrate the soil that can damage your floors and will eventually damage your walls as well. Aside from that, wooden windows and doors can also cause wall damage especially when it is summer and monsoon season. Therefore, you must hire our company to ensure proper wood usage that will avoid problems in the future.  


Have you observed some stains on your walls? If yes, then you should immediately call our company because mold is accumulating on your walls that result in stains. Most of the molds are greyish and greenish in color. Some of the reasons for stained walls are pollution and man`s fault. 

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