Sources of Entertainment

Sources of Entertainment

Entertainment is group of activity which create the attraction of people and hold them for gaining happiness and delightful. It is the activity of making laugh to people and make them stress less. There are many activities which founded before thousands year but its main purpose to hold people attentions, every people has its own preference which he likes more. There are many sources by which attention of every one can be hold. Every activity can forms in this way that it can be prefer by each person.In the world there are many industries which sell entertainment products and things etc. Filmywap is one of them. it develops activities which is suit for every scale. The experience of person also affects the act of entertainment. If the person has experience then he can attract more peoples easily.

The concept of entertainment only dependences upon the audience. If there is an audience who wants to watch activities and get joy and happiness from it.they plays important role because they gain happiness by playing many activities. It may be private, public and script or non-scripts base programmes. In theatre all acts are scripted based. People enjoy its story. But there are many shows and plays which are not scripted based such as sports matches, games etc. There are sources which are changed during change in culture such as new camera techniques, new stories, new media channels etc. There are many activities which are newly invented but removed from channels which are against the public polices etc. Some activities are skilled bases such as sports matches. The players are played with their skills and people feel happy when their team wins the match. Some people entertain with pagalworld and others by giving pain and unhappiness to own self. If there is any competition where people show their skills and experience at that event other take happiness by seeing them. It is burden free activity where nobody can stop it. The government will stop it when it will opposite to public policy and harmful act. It is the art of various professionals who shows their skills with their experience and people watch them and shout and laugh on their performance. When people shout and clapped continuously it means they like the performance and enjoy the act. There shout and clapped increase the motivation of performer and he gives his best to public. If there is pure silence it means everybody feel bore from act.

Group of people who sit together for enjoying the show is called audience. They have only one motive and watch a single performance collectively. Crowd of people on one place shows the popularity of performance. If the ground is full with audience it means people like more this game and come together to cheer the game. The performer should have skills which are required for entertain others. If the performer has not such level of skills, people will not prefer it and will give negative review for it. Because public review can increase and decrease the popularity of performer.

There are many sources which entertain the people such as games, sports, movies, media channels etc.

Playing Games: – it is source of entertainment. People plays games for enjoy. There are many types of games such as adventure, racing, sports and skills etc. people spent their more time on playing games. Now days people plays games related to mission with their competitor such as Candy crush, mini militia etc. in these games, user share their mission with other and fight between each other’s.
Television: –V is the main source for entertain themselves.There are many media channels which give happiness to people. It creates attention of people. There are many shows which attract people such as Emotional serial takes attention of women in the society. Women watch these types of serials.Youngsters prefer serials related to sports, romance etc. they watch media channels. Young age is the age of romance so they match likes with these stories. Various devotional channelsare working on television. Old age persons prefer these channels. Children watch cartoon channels they get joy and delight from it.
There are many movies channels from where people can see movies whole day. We can say that television is the largest source of entertainment.

Reading Books: – Some people use to read many types of books to spend their free time. There are many types of books such as stories; funny, comic, historical, general knowledge etc. students mostly study historical and general knowledge books because it is mostly required for many government jobs tests.
Listening songs: – People entertain themselves by listening various music from various sites like rdxhd etc.There are various types of songs. People can listen with own choice such as Punjabi, Hindi, English, Devotional etc.people change their preference by change their age level.
Live Shows: – Now days there are many live events happen in the society. By these shows people can entertain themselves.

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