Sufi music is the devotional Sufi music of Sufi poets.

Sufi music is the devotional Sufi music of Sufi poets.

Sufi music is the devotional Sufi music of Sufi poets. In India & Pakistan various Sufi artist are born who plays Sufi poets and make place history in world. Qawwali is most famous form of Sufi is famous in South Asia area of world such as India, Pakistan; Sri Lanka and Bangladesh etc. is is the part of traditional music that comes from 750 year ago.

It is origin by Delhi Sufi Sant Amir Khusro Dehlavi in late 13th century. Qawwali has its own similar word Sama which is used in Central Asia. Qawwali language is mixture of Punjabi & Urdu words.

There are 8 or 9 members are musician of Qawwali music and there are mainly one or two lead in it. 2 persons are side singers which repeat the lines of lead singer. There is one percussionist who plays tabla & dholki according to requirement of music. Other persons are used for repeat the verses by clapping hands. The lead singer & his supporters are sit on front side and musician are around to them .in traditional era only men’s are sing Qawwali, Now women are also allowed to sing Qawwali’s . The live concert of Qawwali is known as “Mehfil a Qawwali’s”.

There are many singer make his name in sufi music. But famous sufi singer is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan gives inspration to many singers. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (RFAK) is one of them who sing with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

RFAK is the famous Sufi singer who born in Pakistan on 9 Dec 1973. He belongs to the family of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. He is nephew of Khan. He has perfection in waptrick music mainly in Qawwali’s as well as in Ghazals& other music. He has popularity in India as well as in Pakistan. He sings many songs in Bollywood which goes super hit.

He is born in Qwwal singers Family in Faisalabadin Pakistan. Because of belongs to Sufi family he sing under the guidence and training of his UncleNusrat Fateh Ali khan. He starts singing in age of seven &gives stage performance in age of nine.He soon becomes a part of his uncle group. He attendsconcert with his uncle. He performed his solo performance in 1985 in Birmingham and sings his famous ghazal Mukh Tera Soneya. In the same year he performed solo performance at Harrow Leisure with sufi song Gin GinTarre. With his uncle he takes chance to sing a sound track in Hollywood movie Dead Man in 1995. In 2002 he went to work with other Hollywood composer James Horner, sing sound track in Four Feathers.

Lollywood Career

Lollywood is music industry of Pakistan in which Rahat works more than Bollywood. Music industry is situated in Lahore Pakistan. His debut in lollywood in 1997 in MardJeeneNahiDete Film with track named Kisi Roz Milo Hamein. In 1998 he went to work in Film Harjaai in track TereYaadVerdaya. Within his career he gives many famous tracks in lollywood. In 2015 he worked in film Bin roye & HallaGulla etc. He is famous in Pakistan because of his traditional sufi family and his uncle Khan.

Pollywood Career

Punjabi music industry is known as Pollywood. It is platform for Punjabi singer who makes their career on it. Rahat also work in Punjab music industry. He give many solo & collaboration performance in Punjabi music industry. In 2012 his debut was in Punjabi movie Buraahhh with sound track RabbaKehri Gal Di Saza. After it, in 2013 in Movie Mere YaarKaminey with trackAkhiyanKar k Pyar. He sang hit song on vidmate in movie Dildariyaan in 2015 with JaspinderNarula. In Same year Track named HathanDiyanLakhiyan in Movie Fraar.

Bollywood Career

In Bollywood, Rahat has great place in playback singing. He started his career in bolly in 2003 in the film name Paap with song Maanki Lagan. With his first song, Khan makes place in the mind of people. From 2003 to till 2016, he is giving super hits songs every year. In 2016, he sings song in Super star Salman Khan’s movie Sultan also sing song in Rocky handsome Bollywood movie.


Rahat launched less his solo albums because he works in all industry whether it’s Bollywood, Pollywood & Lollywood.Hereleases only one album in one year. His debut was in 1993 with album Main Ne UsseDekha. Recently in 2016 he releases his album named Ramadan.


He received many awards in his career because of popularity in Sufi wapdam music. There are last five year awards list which he received: –

2016 – Best Singer Male awards in 2nd Ary Film Awards
2015 – Best Drama OST of the year for Sadqay Tumhare in 3rd Hum Awards
2015- Indi Pop Song of the year RabJaane in 7th Mirchi Awards
2014- Best Male Singer for ZindaBhaag in 1st Ary Film Awards
2013- Best Male singer in 4th Pakistani Media Awards

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